Dj / Producer

Mila Rubio is a music producer and a DJ with over 12 years of experience.
She writes music in the style of Melodic/Progressive and Techno.
Special guest headliner for the after-party in the FIFA 2018 in Russia.
TOP 10 DJs of Russia 2019 according to

2019-2020 concert tour headliner at the festival: NTC Campus 7,000+ people (Asia).
TOV 10,000+ people (India).
The last decided came out on labels

  • Trippy Code (France)
  • NEU Gravity (Turkey)
  • Ensis Records (Lisbon)
  • XTR records (Spine)

waiting for a new release onĀ  Jannowitz Records
Mila Rubio unites all music lovers in Europe, Asia, the Americas and all over the world.
Music in the style of Melodic / progressive, techno, Deep House,
Performing original and fresh songs in a mix with beats, carry away into the world of
giving back to the dance.

Mila Rubio

DJ is a producer from Miami. Her tracks are released on the best labels TRIPPY CODE, NEU GRAVITY, MEDIA LEND, SLEEPLESS. (Melodic / Progressive / Indie Dance / Techno)


KALYNA Mila Rubio, Anna Mnishek

David Guetta - The world is Mine (remix Mila Rubio)

what is love - Haddaway (remix Mila Rubio)

Ocean In My Head

I Feel Free



You Bring Me

NTC promo

Mila Rubio is a music producer and DJane with over 12 years of experience. She produces music in the style of melodic/progressive and techno. As a special guest headliner, she performed at the FIFA 2018 after-party in Russia and is included in the list of the Top 10 DJs of Russia 2019, according to In 2019 and 2020, she headlined several festivals including NTC Campus with 7,000+ attendees in Asia and TOV with 10,000+ attendees in India. In 2020 she moved to Miami, USA and is releasing on various labels. With a unique talent inspired by her birthplace Kiev, she has made a name for herself. With a lively and energetic performance, she brings every party to a boil. She brings her unique and profound music to different places and cultures around the world, exciting and inspiring them with her passion for music.

Mila remixed such legendary songs as David Guetta – The world is Mine, Haddaway – What is Love, Komodo – I Just Died in Your Arms, which quickly scattered among DJs and sounded at various music festivals, and the track “Kalyna” became a real inspiration for Ukrainians all over the world.